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Vittoria Rally Tubular

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Training tubular with cotton casing and traditional appearance. Keep your race tires clean and safe for race day, and spend your training miles on the Rally instead. Vittoria quality, feel and performance, at an entry-level price point!

  • Strong compound for great performance and longevity.
  • Vittoria quality, at an entry-level price point!
  • Durable 220tpi cotton tubular casing for extended training life.
  • All Black or with classic para (Tan) sidewall.
  • RVC Valve (Removeable Valve Core).
  • Butyl rubber inner tube.

There’s no substitute for a high-TPI, Graphene + silica-infused, latex-lined tubular racing tire. Unless you’re training. Then the Rally Tubular glues on as a substitute sew-up, saving your high-value, high-performance racing weapons for the miles that really count – those between start and finish lines.
The Rally’s supple ride keeps you connected to the road in a way that traditional clinchers and tubeless simply can’t, but the lower cost helps defray the pain of the occasional puncture during base miles or interval training. Early spring is critical for building preseason racing fitness. It’s also the season for debris-strewn roads and tire-destroying conditions. The Rally is more than equal to that abuse.

  • 23mm/28" Weight: 310g
  • 25mm/28" Weight: 320g


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