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Bike Fit

 Andrew Patterson has 20 years experience of cycle racing at all levels and through many disciplines and has been providing scientific support and coaching for athletes for 8 years, he has a Bsc (hons) in sport, exercise and coaching science, is a British cycling coach and has a diploma in sports massage therapy. 

Patterson Training is a profesional sport science organisaton. This means they are objective in the process, using information from scientific journals and writen articles from reliable authors.

The process followed allows evaluatuation of the initial position and also the intensity to hold a given power in this position. Then after changes have been applied (If any are required) a re test will show how the body is able to maintain the same power output. This gives a double check on the intervention before you leave.

The Bike Fit evaluates:

Shoulder angle
Elbow angle
Hip angle
Spine flexion on the bike
Function of hip flexors
Hamstring flexability
Knee angle
Knee position over the pedal axle
Ankle movement within the pedal cycle
Cleat position
Core stability
knee tracking
Power output, heart rate

COST . All this work and piece of mind costs $150 for up to 2 hours fitting one bike. This comes with a feedback sheet that you can take away and use as reference in future fitting or as your position changes for example with an increase in flexion and range of motion.

Please contact Cycle Inn - 06 7587418 oremail to book your bike fit with Andy -Taranaki's most experienced sport scientist.