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Gemini Batteries

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HIGH CAPACITY 4000MAH (2-cell) and 8000MAH (4-cell) LITHIUM ION
Our super high capacity lithium-ion cells set a benchmark for energy density. At 15Wh per cell, the 2-Cell and 4-Cell Batteries 30Wh and 60Wh have the power to keep you going for much longer.

USB-C is the new standard and we're 100% on board. The reversible 24-pin USB-C connector means saying goodbye to figuring out which way it goes in. 

In addition to charging the batteries, the intelligent USB-C port allows for charging of other USB devices, such as your phone. (Compatible cables sold seperately)

A durable outer shell made of high strength polycarbon has yielded an increase in double the impact protection from the previous generation.


  • 2-Cell Battery 30Wh 7.4V 4000mAh, 4-Cell Battery 60Wh 7.4V 8000mAh
  • DC Port Input 8.4V, USB-C Input 5.0V
  • DC Port Output 6.0–8.2V, USB-C Output 5.0V
  • Onboard fuel gauge
  • Can be used as a powerbank to charge other devices with the correct accessory cable.

*The new 2-cell 30Wh and 4-cell 60 Wh Batteries are compatible with previous generation Gemini lights and chargers. However - the onboard fuel gauge will only work when charged with the USB Charger 10W via the USB-C port. USB Charger 10W and USB Cables are purchased separately.

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