Canecreek Metric Progressive Valt Lightweight Shock Springs

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There’s no excuse now - coil performance for the masses!

Progressive-Rate VALT lightweight coil springs are now available from Cane Creek Cycling Components.

Designed and tuned by Cane Creek’s engineering team to provide riders with a true rise-in-rate spring curve. The Progressive-Rate VALT springs maintain the sensitivity and “set it and forget it” mentality of a traditional coil set up, but with the progressivity and ramp up that hard-charging riders and many frame designs demand.

Valt inner diameter is 36.5mm (1.43in) and fits all Cane Creek Coil Shocks, as well as -Manitou, Marzocchi, XFusion, ELKA/MRP, BOS, and DSP. 

Fox Racing coil shocks will also pair with canecreek springs and require a spring clip adapter Cane Creek Part Code: .DB11253H.



WEIGHT SAVINGS 50-211g (varies by stroke/rate)
FITMENT Cane Creek coil shocks and other brands (may require a conversion clip).
MATERIAL High-performance steel


  • 55mm x 400-488lb
  • 55mm x 450-550lb
  • 55mm x 500-610lb
  • 65mm x 400-488lb
  • 65mm x 450-550lb
  • 65mm x 500-610lb

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