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Basil - E-Bike Electric Cap Covers

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After removing the bicycle battery, it is ideal to use a good cover for the connection points of the battery. The Basil Downtube Electric Cap cover is a sturdy neoprene cover to protect the battery connection when the battery is off the bike – handy for when you want to transport your bike, for example. The battery cover protects the connection points of your Bosch frame battery against splashing water, mud and dirt.The cover is made of 4.5mm thick neoprene and offers good protection. The Electric Cap can be used on the frame batteries of electric bikes with Bosch, Shimano & Yamaha batteries and comes in a stylish black and lime colour scheme.


  • Suitable for battery handling.
  • Protects the connection points of your battery when the battery is off the bike. 
  • The cap can be combined with one of Basil's handy e-bike battery covers. 
  • Made of 4.5mm thick neoprene and offers protection against rain, dirt and damage

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