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DT Swiss - ER 1600 Spline Disc Brake

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Quite easy to define the ER 1600 SPLINE wheels isn't it? A lightweight rim, strong blade spokes and reliable hub technology. The perfect choice for every challenge out there - especially those which you do not foresee when leaving the house for a ride.

Weight per set: 1638 g (23), 1767 g (32)


Product details:

  • Axle system 12 mm Thru axle

  • Brake interface Disc Center Lock (IS 6-Bolt Adapter included)

  • Rim diameter 622 mm (29" / 700C)

  • Inner width 20 mm

  • Outer width 24 mm

  • Rim type Clincher

  • Rim height 23 mm / 32 mm

  • Hub type 350

  • Spokes DT aero comp® straight pull

  • Nipples DT ProLock Squorx ProHead alu

  • Decal type Waterslide

  • Recommended system weight max. 120 kg

For more info on the ER 1600 Spline range click here

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